• Course Duration: 24 weeks
  • Application Dates:


Fundamental Courses


Fundamentals of the Hotel Industry

Study the history and development of the global hotel industry, including hotel categorization, organization, and duties and responsibilities of each department, with an emphasis on the Front Office, Food and Beverage, and Housekeeping; the hotel business in Thailand; and first-class international hotel chains and groups.

English for the Hotel Business

This course is for elementary-level to intermediate students who need to be able to communicate in English with hotel clientele, to be familiarised with technical terms such as the name of the food in the menu, related equipment and tools, etc.

Thai Hospitality and Social Etiquette

Study Thai culture and ways of life, including distinguishing features and unique attributes (e.g. the famous Thai smile, ideals of courtesy, etc.) to better serve customers. Study the cultural differences among various peoples and the do’s and don’ts when dealing with customers from different cultures.

Psychology in the Hotel Business

Study the theories of human behaviour, the self-adaptation required to work in the hotel business, and the customers’ mind-set, including their needs when away from home, in order to provide them with excellent service.


Specific Courses


Housekeeping Department Organization

Learn the Housekeeping department’s organizational structure (chain-of-command), including duties and responsibilities of each employee, complaints handling, lost & damaged items management and distribution of jobs in each area, namely public areas, guest-room areas, the florist’s office, the linen room and the uniform room.

Housekeeping Hygiene and Sanitation

What is sanitation? What is hygiene? Learn about proper standards of personal hygiene; causes of contamination and prevention; and actions to create and maintain safety and sanitation in guest rooms and public areas.

Cleaning Equipment

Learn about the various kinds of cleaning equipment used in hotels, including brass and silverwares.

Cleaning Procedures

Identification of cleaning equipment and detergents, potential hazards and accidents (and prevention strategies), and procedures for cleaning guest rooms, carpets, brass & silverwares, front and back of the hotel. Learn how to ensure that cleaning procedures reach Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok’s standard.

Guest Room Preparation

Learn all aspects of guest room preparation, including how to check the room’s status, early check-outs, normal check-outs, and late check-outs; cleaning guest rooms, making beds, and cleaning bathrooms; cleaning suites, including entrance and closets, living areas, beds and bathrooms. Before leaving the room, staff should conduct a final check to ensure an excellent service standard.

The Qualifications of an Effective Butler

Study the personality attributes of an effective butler: leadership, reliability, cooperative, clean and neat, in good health, knowledgeable, persuasive and attentive.

Butler’s Duties and Responsibilities

Receiving guests from the front officer; performing in-room services, including introducing the room to guests; arranging guests’ personal items in the wardrobe; introducing hotel facilities to guests; and promoting hotel restaurants and other services to guests.

The Hotel as a Product

The hotel is a product and hotel staff should be able to effectively sell the product. Learn the selling points of the hotel, the different room types and room rates, the location of rooms and distinguishing features of each room, and the hotel’s other facilities.

The Art of Satisfying Guests and Handling Complaints

Study aspects of guest interaction. Staff should be pleasant, well groomed, available and ready to give assistance, friendly and courteous. They should also try to anticipate guests’ needs and be tactful. When dealing with complaints, staff should show attention to the guest’s complaints, provide an explanation, move the scene to somewhere private, promise or explain the action that will be taken, and promise improvement. Staff should also brainstorm ways to prevent problems in future.


Tution Fee


Tution Fee : 60,000 baht

Other Learning Material : 20,000 baht

Total : 80,000 baht