25 May 2018

» » »   The Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme ( OPTC ) « « «
     Thai cuisine is without doubt firmly established as one of the world’s major cuisines. Its exotic taste and distinctive blend of flavours have a universal appeal. Furthermore, the increasing worldwide popularity of Thai cuisine can be seen in the number of Thai restaurants in nearly all the major capitals of the world.
    Since 1986 The Oriental, Bangkok has been one of the pioneers in promoting Thai cuisine to the world through our famous Thai Cooking School and our Thai food promotional trips overseas.
    In order to maintain the high standards in the preparation of Thai dishes, and to preserve the traditional art of Thai cuisine, The Oriental, Bangkok is pleased to announce the launch of The Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme.
    Aimed at all cooks of Thai cuisine who wish to improve their cooking skills and/or wish to work overseas, this programme is designed to certify them as a Thai Chef which would enable them to prepare Thai dishes to the internationally-acclaimed high standards of The Oriental, Bangkok.
    The Oriental Professional Thai Chef Programme lasts for 3 months and combines theory and practice on all aspects of Thai cuisine. The language of instruction is in Thai, and the programme is accredited by the Ministry of Education.
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